01 January 2009

A silly post

I seem to recall that the blogosphere tradition on the first day of the new year (or was it to be the last day of the old year?) was to make a post that consists of the first sentences of the first post for each month of the previous year. Well, we've been up only since September, but I can come up with something nonetheless:

OK, OK, I know I've jumped the gun, but I just couldn't help myself. I am at last finished with a major project at my part-time job, which was menu cards (with names on top) and service programs for a wedding that with sit-down reception that will be attended by about 400 people. I'm scheduled to go over to my mom's today (instead of on Sunday, which has been the usual day for sewing) because I'll be at a "personal shower" for my friend M on Sunday afternoon/evening. A whole month got past me and I was only marginally aware of it.

Well. That was, um, nice.

Happy New Year!

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Silly as it sounds to read it all together that way, I remembered the posts that made it up.

Sincerely, Euphoria