07 April 2009

For the love of knitting and the internet

Dear Mandella,

I was sitting and knitting one afternoon at my LYS (String of Purls). Well, actually, I was sitting and knitting a bit as I chatted with Sally who works there. I'd finished early at the stationery shop so it was natural that I'd go across the way and get in a bit of calming knitting.

Anyway, this nice guy came into the shop. He was visiting from out of town and he wanted to bring back something nice for his wife. She was a knitter and she also taught knitting classes. Well, Sally and I had a hundred ideas for him, but he didn't have a lot of room for packing up three great projects (we suggested Anne Ginn's Circle Vest, among other things), so he bought some nice yarn.

Here we are, a few days later, and I'm looking into the String of Purls forum on Ravelry. The guys wife posted a nice note about how he'd stopped in, etc., etc.

Now, isn't this great how the internet has brought all of us together? You can shop, you can blog, you can stop over at a knitting site and leave a nice note . . .

This was one of those days when I needed a happy ending. No, it's not because of Kutner's suicide on House (I realize he's a fictional character, you see), but because it's been cold and I've been tired and I've been grousing about having to work and clean house (gawd, our home is a pig sty again!). Would you believe I came home early today and cleaned one of the bathrooms just because (1) I didn't want to take a nap (it would mess up my sleep) and (2) it had been driving me crazy? Yep, today was a day for happy endings.

Hope you're well. Hugs to you and Dave,


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