23 June 2009

Designer Sadists

Dear Auntie Judith,

A while back I bought a pattern for a pretty Summer top that calls for Euroflax sport weight yarn. I started to make a swatch which was when I saw the pattern called for needles sized 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm that’s size 0 and 1.5 in US sizes. I started making a swatch with a size 1. My swatch, which should have measured 4 inches, maybe a little bit more, measured about 6 inches! So, I tried again, this time on size 0 needles, and it didn’t get much smaller. Also, it was next to impossible to knit that yarn on those needles – my hands were nearly cramping by the time I had a few rows of a swatch done! I’m mad at the designer! Why did she decide to knit sportweight linen on size 1 needles!!!!!! Yes, it makes a nice, smooth fabric, but this is ridiculous! How did she expect people to do this?!


Gentle Knitter,

You just never know how often self-abuse is part of the design process until you come across a pattern like that. I, myself, am knitting a child’s multi-color cardigan in King Tut cotton on *gasp* US 3 needles. I’m getting 6 very firm stitches to the inch. And I’m working it as intarsia. I’ll never publish this pattern because I know full well that no one, not even the most addled and addicted knitter, should engage in this kind of masochism.

Unless, of course, it’s lace. Then all bets are off.

Hugs & Happy knitting to you!

Auntie Judith

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Knitting Belle said...

My first foray into knitting socks was supposed to be on size 2 needles (US). But I'm a loose knitter, so I had to use size 0 (US). It was still to big. Didn't notice for a while (a long time in size 0 time). Contemplated felting, then frogged it :( Plus cabled, knee length socks made my legs look fat. No more size 0 anything. But maybe I'll take Judith's advice and try lace down the line...
I like your blog.