03 January 2010

I Don't Want to Go to School Tomorrow!

Despite the snow and the surgery, the past two weeks have been really great. I've had time off from both of my jobs, plenty of time to just read or work puzzles or knit or sleep or play computer games. Oh, this has been heavenly!

Tomorrow it all ends. Tomorrow is back to the grind. Tomorrow is back to the full-time job and the workout. Tuesday and Wednesday I work both jobs. Thursday is just the full-time job; Friday is both again. The weekend will be all about putting away the Christmas tree and decorations, catching up on laundry, and knitting to a deadline at the end of the month.

Tomorrow it is just cold and snow. There will be no pretty lights, no presents, no cheeriness of the season despite the uncooperative weather. It will all be a pain. It will be cold cars and slippery roads and impassible walks and good-luck-finding-a-parking-place-because-of-the-snow.

Oh, yuck. This is going to take a supreme effort of will to have a good outlook. (Quick -- somebody open the bottle of Happy Pills and grind them into my coffee!)

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

I wish I could change it for you but I lost my fairy god mother wand and my wings got bent in the cold and snow.

'Sitting around the house gets old and lonely really fast.' Now repeat that often to yourself.

Put on you big girl panties and move them out. Work awaits.

Hugs sister/friend, Euphoria