01 February 2010

Wise Words for Healing

The pain in my neck turns out to be a “moderate” bulge of the disk between C7 & T1.  It’s being managed with physical therapy and medication.


These kind words were sent by my HP friend Katie:


While you're managing the impingement, try to find  time to mentally set down all those burdens you've been carrying the past year or so...get the stress and  worries off your back, so to speak, and remember that there are so many offering support.  think there may have been times when it seemed that you had to be responsible for [your DH’s] well being as well as your own and it's hard living lives at once.


And if you have to speak of the pain, I find it easier to think of it in lower case letters – irksome but not worthy of Capital Letters [which are] for the important stuff like Love, Kindness, Happiness, Doggies, Knitting Patterns. I've found a way of pushing it off to a remote corner of my brain to scream and carry on all it wants while I'm consciously stretching and moving myself forward.


It's amazing and bizarrely rewarding to find out how much one can overcome, but I hope your discomfort is short-lived and non-recurring. Hope you're back knitting up a storm soon.


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