26 December 2008

Time Turner Needed

Dear Mandella,

A whole month got past me and I was only marginally aware of it. First it was Chance being ill and needing attention, then it was being burned out each day by The League of Helpless Women I encounter (especially during the holiday retail season), and at last it was my own frenzy to get things done.

As it turned out, I did get a shirt sewed for my brother-in-law Ron, but only after one completely failed attempt and a second attempt, which had only been cut out, went completely missing. I spent the entire Saturday prior to Christmas with my arse in a chair at the sewing machine. That was 9 solid hours of sewing. And Ron loved the shirt. He hasn't tried it on yet, but he loved it.

Now that it is the day after Christmas, I feel very much at loose ends. I have three days before I'm due at the office and I have more to do than (1) I have energy to accomplish and (2) I even have hours in the day.

Here are some photos:

My brother-in-law Ron opening one of the gifts in the
free-for-all gift game.

Marcy (black shirt, in front), Jodie (green shirt), Carla (white shirt),
Colin (red shirt), and Mason (clutching yellow envelope).

From left: Colin, Mason, Joan and Bud

Colin put in a set of small painted plates he'd brought back from Spain.

Our Christmas Tree.

A crocheted star done by my Aunt Helen.

Santa on a mountain bike, a Hallmark ornament I'd gotten for Ed early on
in recognition of his enthusiasm for bicycling.

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