27 December 2008

Very Square

Dear Mandella,

I was going to post this with the photos in the previous post, but I was having a few problems with Blogger. Ed gave me this as a small, fun gift. It's plastic (unlike the really expensive ones you can get that are gold plated). It was a sweet thought. He knows how crazy busy I am.

Today I went over to my mom's. I sorted out a bunch of fabric over there (most of it for quilts). I had scraps kind of all over, so everything got grouped together. Then I sewed together 13 little churn dash squares (the final measures about 5.25" square) that I had started some time ago. I also finished up 12 large squares from a Thimbleberries pattern (last ones illustrated below). Sorry, but I didn't have my camera with me or else I'd be posting photos of them.

The churn dash squares (left) will make a small quilt, probably baby size. The larger squares are for a larger blanket (obviously). Oh, and I have my "Jane Austen" quilt back from the quilter. I have to put a binding on that.

In addition to those just mentioned, I have the puzzle quilt that I've posted images of already (I don't know if that pattern has a name, but that's what I call it.) that needs sashing between the squares. The sashing is a deep, deep red. I'll use gold squares in between as shown.

And then I have 12 large (16.5") squares from another Thimbleberries pattern called My Stars. That will make at least a full-size quilt.

This is how I imagine I will finish it, with little stars in between the blocks. At least, that's what the pattern calls for. I've already started the stars on the sashing. I don't remember which colors went with what, though. Oh, well....

And then there is this one, also from my Thimbleberries book. I don't remember what it's called. If you look at it you can see that it's a variation on a 9-patch.

And this is a vague vision I have of how it all will fit together. The center squares are actually a print that utilizes the gold, brown, blue, and teal. I don't know. Somehow it all will work out.

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith and Mandella,

The quilt patters are lovely. I can't wait to see them done.

I hope you both have a wonderful new year.

Sincerely, Euphoria