26 March 2009

My Ravelry Shop is Open

Ok, I admit that I’m late in coming to this, but I have a shop open on Ravelry now.  Here’s the link:


There are four free patterns available:  Dishcloth Socks, Garter Linen Scarf, Quill Lace Socks (from knitty.com), and Waffle Stocks.  The Summer Sunner is there as a place-holder (you can purchase the pattern from String of Purls) until we get the whole “paid patterns” part worked out.

Right now the patterns are linked to various places where they are available for free – just print them out from the online site.  But I’ll soon be able to upload PDFs of the patterns which will include my illustrations and my preferred layout (for easier reading).



1 comment:

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

I don't go to Ravelry much it gives me the gimmies and want-a-haves.

But, Now that you are there I'll have to visit more.

Hugs, Euphoria