04 October 2009

I've Been Busy

Here's me working on it at my mom's house on the living room floor.
This took at lot of planning.

Detail of the phoenix center by maxecat.

Detail of the "stars" (sorry that it's a little bent here)

The Myth & Magic Quilt Top (about 76" square at this point)
Dragon by samtibbs. Unicorn by judyqeen. Phoenix by maxecat.
Spiderweb and potions by PotionMistress.
Potions by auntj.


Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous! Thanks for showing us the completed quilt. I recently made a small quilt--the library held a class in quilting and I participated. Perhaps it was helping with this magical quilt that gave me the courage to try something bigger than just a square.
Nice job!
as ever,
Nancy aka potionmistress

charlotte gordon said...

So so beautiful! You are an artist --