01 October 2009

Secret Pal Revealed!

This is a mitten I've started knitting from the handspun that my lovely, no-longer-secret pal Mia sent to me in the second package. I started it off with some Lamb's Pride worsted, then went right to the lovely yarn she sent to me. These will be convertable mittens.

And here is the "reveal" package Mia sent: another cool bag (the cotton bag with the bird printed on it in pale green), two more handspun yarns, a lavender-scented candle, a little coin purse (which will likely hold my knitting markers -- you never know) filled with candies, and (I can hardly believe I'm writing this) a pair of socks! I am ever so magnificently spoiled by this last especially. No one has ever knit a pair of socks for me, so I felt absolutely overwhelmed. If ever Mia draws your name as a secret pal, prepare to be spoiled out of your mind!
Thank you, Mia! You are a lovely and kind knitting pal. I'll post pix of the mittens when they're done, and I might knit a hat with the other yarns. I don't know. Anything can happen, you know! :)

1 comment:

Mia said...

You're welcome! The mitten is lookin' good!