18 October 2009

Start-itis or Addiction?

Blogger is having some problems, else I'd have uploaded some photos. Suffice it to say that I'm in the midst of a zillion projects once again, and none of them are the projects already on my overly long list of UFOs.

I finished a scarf for one of my nephews and have started in on a similar one for his brother, but no pictures for now since these are to be Christmas gifts.

In other news, I tried and tried and tried to knit a cardigan for my sister M but ended up pulling out all of my work several times because the yarn wasn't cooperating. It's a cotton/silk/acrylic blend. I've started up a simple shawl with it now and it's behaving quite nicely. It's a project started just to prove it can be done; now it will be set aside while I finish my Christmas list of projects.

Another started project is a blanket from worsted weight wool. I have some odd balls of yarn around. I tried several things with it -- mitered squares, pattern stitches -- and in the end it just wanted to be knit as single strands on US 7 needles. Egad, I hate when the yarn starts acting up! Yarn isn't supposed to be so bitchy and demanding!

One project in progress (finally!) is a pair of leg warmers for my friend Dr. T. I was going to knit kilt hose for her, then realized she'd never really wear them for competition. I was going to knit socks for her, but after she and I talked about it what she'd really like are leg warmers. Thus, they're in progress. I'm using the good old standby, the waffle stitch (texture, plus it's easy to keep track of the pattern) and I'm knitting it from leftover balls of KFI Cashmarino (about the same as Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in weight and composition). They're a lovely color of blue.

The Mrs. Gardiner gauntlet gloves have been frogged yet again. I'm just not satisfied with the pattern yet. All I know is that I want a claw cable going up the thumb. The hard part is figuring out what will go with that without numbing my brain.

Oh, and I've made excellent progress on the mittens with the yarn from my adorable and no-longer-Secret Pal, Mia. She sent some handspun that I've combined with a bit of Lamb's Pride worsted. They are becoming a pair of convertible mittens. The first is finished and the second is in progress (nearly done with the thumb gore increases).

And, after all of this, I had a lovely photo of my dog Chance.

But the Blogger software just isn't cooperating at the moment. Dang.

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