29 November 2009

Socks Done

I completed the Nubby Socks for my husband. As he'd already read on the blog that these were for him, and because I've been nervous about getting the size just right, I gave them to him last night. OK, that and I'd screwed up how I did the stitching on the toe decreases. I was working the 1x1 rib through some of the toe decreases, then changing to straight stockinette stitch. So, the 2nd sock as this short little bit in stockinette stitch on the toe whereas the 1st sock has a larger bit. Oh, well.

I'd gotten a bag of 10 balls of the Patternworks Bretton in navy. It was a great deal. I'll get 3 - 4 pairs of socks from these (each ball is 50 grams and it takes a little more than 2.5 balls of this yarn to get a sock done). The Bretton is a superwash wool with nylon so it should be durable.

Of course, I've started 3 or 4 other projects while I was working on these socks. I have more ideas than I have hands or time. Anyway, I'm thinking of trying to get another pair done for him before Christmas, but I'm not sure that's realistic. I need to finish up the scarf for my other nephew; it's past the halfway point, but I need to kick some yarny butt to get it done.

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