26 November 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

OK, I'm stuffed. Officially.

Here's a recipe for Parmesan Crescent Rolls that my sister J brought over. Actually, she mixed the dough ahead and then baked them at my mom's. They come out very flat (not fluffy like dinner rolls) but they are heavenly!

She also made a very light and tasty whole wheat roll (I think that's the recipe, but if I'm wrong I'll adjust it with an amendment to this post).

My husband made two pork roasts. One was wrapped in bacon, the other was stuffed with apricots. But when he roasted the meat, he had it resting on a bed of small potatoes, baby carrots, chopped up parsnips, and apples that had been lightly tossed with canola oil. He got the idea from a recipe he found somewhere (it had you roasting a chicken on top of these veggies).

He also made sour cream pecan pie (a recipe from the Farmhouse Cookbook). My sister M made pumpkin pie.


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