04 October 2008

Ah, Saturday!

Dear Mandella,

Today has been a long time in coming. Today means I will have no more frantic calls about that big wedding I was working on (I actually had two more last-minute name/menu cards yesterday). Today means we're going to lunch to celebrate Ed's birthday (which was Thursday). Today means I was able to sleep in until 7:45 a.m.

Today I think I'll do as little as possible except to knit on my swatches for class with Melissa Leapman. (I have four of the 8 done.)

Tomorrow I'll go over to my mom's and sew.

I might even do a bit of laundry.

OK, I'll be doing quite a bit of laundry because I got behind last week, but that's another story.

And I have some work to do for a free-lance client.

I should really pile up those boxes into the truck and take them over to the storage unit so that I can get my car into the garage again.

And it would help to clear out the stuff that has accumulated in the guest room.


Too much to do and too little weekend.

Hugs and good weather to you!


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