12 October 2008

Names and Quilts

Dear Judith

I went through every single name in your last post and came up with some truly interesting combinations - not all of which worked. Having an unusual name, both first and surname, is sometimes a blessing (people don't forget it easily) and sometimes a curse. For instance, I've had a letter at work addressed to Amanda Lewisby (10/10 to the post room for their deductive powers) and I really ought to let you into my Porn Star name. Twice, from different sources, I've received correspondence addressed to Mandy Love .....

Today I finished a quilt. Well, it's finished apart from the label. I printed one out using Bubble Jet Set and it's in the airing cupboard drying. So tomorrow I will have a mad scramble to prepare and applique the label before wrapping it and delivering it to my friend and her husband. It's their joint birthday present as one of them has one of those horrible birthdays with a "0" on the end and they're only a couple of weeks apart. They've just returned from a special holiday to the Four Corners region, and those blue blobs in each corner are the silhouette of each of the 4 states, just to make it a bit of a memento.

Reading about your latest quilt in progress, sewing squares to squares to rectangles, made me think of one of my own WIPs. I don't think yours is anything like it, but I'm posting it here in the interests of establishing whether there's a family resemblance:

The pattern is "Strait of Georgia" and it can be found in the book More Fat Quarter Quilts by M'liss Rae Hawley. I love fat quarters, after all like I said, why use 1 fabric when 10 will do? If you look very carefully at the top of the photo you will see my sand and sage green bedspread, complete with silk ribbon embroidery which comes out for a pastime and drives me to distraction!

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