03 October 2008

Coming Up for Air

Dear Mandella,

I am at last finished with a major project at my part-time job, which was menu cards (with names on top) and service programs for a wedding that with sit-down reception that will be attended by about 400 people.  I’ve been working on this since the end of August with a very skilled planner and it has taken nearly all of my time and energy to manage all of the pieces and still keep up with all of the other clients’ projects.  In fact, there are a few people I have to call because I’ve not been able to work on their projects for a few weeks while everything else was going on.

One great thing to look forward to this month:  Two classes with Melissa Leapman.  She’ll be at String of Purls on October 18 & 19.  I’ll be in her Celtic Cables class on Saturday afternoon and the Fully Fashioned and Fabulous class on Sunday morning.  I’ve just started working on my swatches.  A total of 8 are due; I’m just a row or two away from finishing the first one.  *sigh*

We are enjoying the most magnificent weather right now.  In the mornings (and I leave for work quite early) the temperature is about 40ยบ (F) so there is a pleasant chill in the air.  The sky is clear and I can see the Orion constellation over my house as though he is stopping by for a brief hello before he goes off hunting in the rest of the galaxy.

Oh…pshaw!  I have to go to a meeting.  Well, at least I can knit during meetings!

Big hugs and good weather to you!


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