05 October 2008

Dyeing Days

Dear Judith

I hope your weekend has been as great as you expected now the pressure's off.

I took Friday off work as a day's holiday and spent the whole day at the new house with David. We're now decorating the bedrooms and they're looking great.

Yesterday I went on a dyeing workshop. Look at all the lovely fabrics you can get out of just 2 colours:

I used scarlet and golden yellow if you're wondering. I have no specific use for these fabrics, other than to take them out and pet them occasionally and wait until they tell me what they want to be, but I've got an idea for a throw quilt if I do the same sort of thing at home with bigger pieces of fabric.

Today I've been frantically working on the quilt that has to be ready before next Monday. At least all that's left to do is sew the binding to the back, but I hate cutting it so fine, especially as work's going to suck so much life out of me this week. Oh, and I gave myself a DIY breast biopsy today. A word to the wise here. If you drop something on the floor when you're sewing, make sure there isn't a pin cushion sitting on the table you have to lean over to reach the item you've dropped ....... ouch!

Never mind, at least it'll soon be Christmas, or at least you'd think it will be if you go in any supermarket around here.



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