09 November 2008


Dear Mandella,

Here is the newest addition to our family. We found him on Saturday at the Nebraska Humane Society. He is a black Labrator Retriever, about 2 years old. His name is Grant -- at least that's what the NHS named him and we signed off on it, but we've lately taken to calling him Chance. That's Ed's decision, and this is Ed's dog. Since I like both Ed and the dog, and since I like the name Chance, I'm all for it.

So far I have taught Chance to sit. Yes, he is that smart. Good heavens, I can't even get my husband to sit on command! Unfortunately, I think we gave him too many treats today because he vomited on the carpeting. Well, I think that's better than urinating on the carpeting. And I must add that my husband has never once vomited on the carpeting, which puts him one up over the dog. (In fact, my husband cleaned up the carpeting after the dog vomited on it, which really earns him some Good Husband Points.)

Chance has been acting like he has been with us for ages. He knows where the door is to go out and do his thing (he sat there and barked). He has only chewed on the rope toy we've given him. When I went downstairs this morning to check email he went back to his designated blanket in the bedroom and went to sleep.

The NHS gave us 50% off on the first obediance/behavior class for Chance; it starts on November 23rd. I expect that the class is really to teach adults how to act consistently with a dog, something we've at least had practice with, but techniques have changed from 10 years ago when I was in an obedience class with Charka.

Also today, I finished up a quilt top, a small one I had started some years ago. My mom was looking at the fabric and saying how this one would make her want to quilt again, so we got it all stitched up. I made some miscalculations in the border sashings so I had to piece them, but it was worth it to create something my mom really wanted to work on.

I'm tired and heading for bed. This has been an extraordinarily good weekend. I hope the same for you and Dave.



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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith and Mandella,

I love the name 'Chance' for a dog. And a big black one even more. Ed was right to make the change.

Have fun with both of the boys in the house.

Sincerely, Euphoria