04 November 2008

Dear Judith

I hope things are settling down a bit for you now after the awful events of the last couple of weeks.

I was watching Stephen Fry on TV tonight. He's doing a road trip through all the States of America. It's nice viewing and very quirky. Tonight I got to see Nebraska, probably for the first time ever. Well it makes a change to be watching him rather than Hugh Laurie, and of course the two are inextricably linked in my mind because of the TV series they did together, and Blackadder of course.

I have been wrestling with my knitting. Here's a pair of mismatched socks I finished. I can't kick up too much of a fuss because the yarn was a gift, but it just shows the variations you can get with a handpaint.

I'm bored with my knitting. I've got a couple of baby items to finish and they're cute, but I'm just plodding through them. I think I need something with a spark, like that book you just gifted!

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