06 November 2008

Sick Again

Dear Mandella,

I'm very sorry about the socks. Was it one skein of hand-dye? Well, at least you can think of them as Dobby socks (you know -- socks that purposefully don't match, a concept described by the house elef Dobby in the 4th Harry Potter book). And they'll still keep your feet warm, right?

Both my husband and I are at home and ailing. There is some sort of bug going around. In me it is manifested as a sinus infection (I get those more than anything). In him we're not sure because he refuses to see his doctor. *rolled eyes*

I have been working on finishing up the 2nd of the hand/wrist warmers I've been knitting up from the Berocco Alpaca/Wool/Nylon yarn (mentioned earlier). I've just held off the thumb stitches and will now finish up the tops of the mittens, but I can't remember how far I went and the first one is at my LYS for show-and-tell. I'll try to snag it back tomorrow. I knew I should have written out the full pattern before surrendering it!

Also on the knitting front, I've made headway on the back of a pullover knit from leftover Cascade 220. I'm getting all sorts of ideas as I knit it, ideas that should be written down as I go except that I've rarely got pen and paper at hand. Who can write when they're knitting, any way?

As for your knitting mojo fading, I'd say not to worry about it. You've been putting in so much time on your home and everything else that all of your creativity must be sapped. You're right: pattern books help. Maybe you'll want to sort your books and your stash and your needles in order to spur the creativity into action. Or maybe I'll let you select from the ton of projects I seem to have going on ALL of the time! (Perhaps I do this to ward off ennui?)

Time for a bit of a lie-down. I'm afraid I'm getting rather giddy thinking about all of that knitting!

Big hugs, and best wishes for your mojo to return!


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