17 August 2009

Oh, I ache!

Dear Mandella,

On Friday night (four days ago) we went to the hardware store after I got home from work. We got the paint and few other odd little things. We filled in holes in the wall. Later that evening I sanded some of the patched stuff and then rolled on some primer to cover up some old crayon marks on the wall from the previous owner's children. (It's been 15 years since we moved in here, so that little tot who scribbled on the walls should be heading off to university this fall!)

On Saturday I wiped down the walls, vacuumed up the remaining bits of wallpaper on the floor, used masking tape to cover everything that shouldn't get paint on it. My DH didn't help much because he wasn't feeling well. I was dead tired.

On Sunday morning I laid out the drop cloths and laid on a coat of white paint. Then I showered and rested for about an hour before going over to my mum's. But, I was so tired that I couldn't do more than play cards. In fact, I broke down and cried because I was so tired and overwhelmed. My DH was still not feeling well. It was all falling to me to do once again. I came home and just vegged out for the evening. Well, after I sorted out the mess in the kitchen (just the preliminaries of getting things stacked and soaking -- my DH promised to clean it up).

This morning, my sister M called and suggested she come over to help. It was just the ticket. It got my DH out of bed and on to doing a thorough clean up in the kitchen. M and I sorted laundry, changed sheets on the beds, and then I put a 2nd coat of white paint on three of the walls while she folded up and put away clean clothes. We then tackled four laundry baskets full of odd things that were clean but not folded or put away. These were mainly kitchen towels and napkins, items that really needed ironing, and several things that needed mending. We also found a lot of bed linens in there; these are now folded and put away. Afterward we went to lunch and then I slept for four hours this afternoon. The backs of my legs are aching and my shoulders rather hate me at the moment.

My DH is supposed to paint one of the walls yellow this week. It might require a second coat. We'll see. The plan, however, is to be ready to move furniture by this coming Sunday, the day before my DH starts in with school again.

Oh, Chance is doing very well. He's back to his old self again. DH took him to the dog park for a while this morning, which was helpful for getting him out from under foot.

Hope you're well!


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