14 August 2009

Still Slogging Along

Dear Mandella,

We bought the paint tonight. The white paint. We bought 2 more samples of yellow hues to see which we like.

Also, Chance the dog has conjunctivitis. Do you know what a pain it is to put drops in a dog's eyes when that dog is 90 lbs and wriggly? I had to sort of sit on him, then have Ed pet him while I sneaked in a few drops from the back of his head.

Sounds like the contract modifications (the ones that would have given me a chance at moving up in the company and getting more pay) aren't going to come through. What a sucky end to all of this. I got to sit through a 1 hour department meeting today in which nothing applied to me. Oh, well, at least I still have a job. That's always good news.

Knitting has been a fickle friend this week. I was trying out a new pattern this week on some sock yarn and had to give it up last night when I'd screwed up the tiny cables for the third time and swore at the top of my lungs for the third time. Some cable patterns are just too tiny to do on US 1 needles. Well, too tiny for me to handle. Too many cross-2-over-1-to-the-left-K 2 tbl, P1-from-cable-needle. My eyes were going bloodshot even though I'd enlarged my pattern. So, I put it aside. I'll use it on something larger, like a scarf.

Thus, I started in on a different pattern and got through the ribbing plus 3 rows while in the aforementioned meeting. Then on to the stationery shop for three more hours of work, and finally came home to cleaning up the wallpaper scrapings (still on the floor) and patching holes before making the trip for paint. I think we'll be sanding and masking everything tomorrow morning, probably paint tomorrow night. The whole room needs to be painted in white, then we'll add whatever shade of yellow we decide on. Presuming we can decide on one.

I'm miserably sad that the rest of the house is such a pig sty. One of these days all of this will be done and we'll celebrate. One of these days.

Love & hugs to you!


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