12 February 2009

25 Things from my Stash

Dear Mandella,

Apparently I have missed out on the big “25 Things” event that has been running across blogdom for the past week or more. I even have a Facebook account and I haven’t done a list. Well, that’s because I’ve been crazy busy or sick or God-knows-what-else and therefore unable to devote hours and hours of time to posting on the Internet. So, here it is at last, my “25 Things” meme, but I’m limiting it to 25 things in my stash right now:

1. Striped pullover for one of my nieces. If I’m lucky I’ll get it done before she grows out of it.

2. Pair of red socks started for my SIL Deb. I have only one sock started and it’s vaguely near to the heel flap part.

3. Ab-Fab throw. I’ve gotten through the first iteration of the 58-row color pattern and barely started on the second.

4. A simple shawl started from a lovely skein of Oceana (was the 1300-yard skein very big in England?) that is in time-out because I’m not please with it.

5. The kimono scarf – an adaptation of the kimono shawl in the Folk Shawls book – it’s 3/5 done.

6. A ball of merino yarn from Lisa Souza that’s dyed in the gendarme colorway. It’s meant to be a pair of socks. For me.

7. A ball of Socks That Rock (StR) Heavyweight in the Grandma’s Flower Garden color way that’s meant to be a pair of mittens.

8. A skein of Mountain Colors sock yarn in bubblegum pink that’s meant to be a pair of socks for one of my nieces.

9. A scarf knit with two shades of Manos del Uruguay wool/silk yarn. It’s about halfway done, maybe less.

10. Sock yarn from Claudia Handpaints in the “Oops!” colorway that I’m dying to knit for myself but I’m having too much fun just enjoying the colors are they appear on the skein.

11. A pullover started from odd balls of Cascade 220. I’m sort of halfway up the back.

12. A beautiful pullover from Louet Gems sportweight that I dyed *red* and that I’m designing for myself. I’m not very far up the back on that one.

13. A pair of socks in a variation of the waffle pattern. It’s knit from some Louet Gems sportweight that I splatter dyed with all sorts of colors. I’m not quite half way to the heel flap on the first sock yet.

14. A pair of socks – knitting two at a time on circulars from the toe up (the very first of their kind for me) – that I’m knitting from a lovely sock blank that I dyed.

15. A simple 1 x 1 rib scarf in grey KFI Cashmerino that is 2/3 done. *DONE* And given to a great neighbor across the street who helped to clear the driveway of snow.

***This list is getting to be depressing! But, I soldier on***

16. A blue and white pillow cover that proclaims “Go Jays!!!” for a Creighton University student. I don’t know who it is, yet. It’s a sample for String of Purls. It’s nearly done. Just 3.75” of knitting and I can block it, then make it up. *DONE*

17. Yarn enough for four more of those KFI Cashmerino scarves.

18. Jojoland Melody in the green/violet/navy colorway for knitting yet another hat.

19. Gorgeous olive green dyed silk yarn from Lisa Souza that I want to knit into a scarf for one of my sisters.

20. Odd skeins of Lambs’ Pride bulky that I keep promising myself I will knit into a blanket.

21. Several skeins of Galway that I got to knit into a felted tote bag.

22. A pair of mittens from KnitPicks Swish in a blue-green color that’s going to be for one of my nephews. He’s only six, so they should go fast, but I’ve barely started on the cuff of the first one.

23. Yarn in Iowa Hawkeyes team colors to knit an scarf and hat for a nephew who will be enrolled at the University of Iowa this fall.

24. Two skeins of the “Raven Clan” StR mediumweight that I haven’t even wound into balls yet.

25. Some Schaefer Marjaana yarn that I will eventually knit for me, but I don’t know if it will be a shawl or a pullover yet.

I know. I’m going straight to hell for all of this! If I can get two of these finished each month I’ll have them nearly done before the year is out. But don’t bet on it. J


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Creativehands said...

Love this idea!
Blog-buddies discussions and 25 things from my stash?
Oh let me count the WIP's!