26 February 2009

Adobe.com is the New Satan

I work with Adobe Creative Suite at my full-time job.  I started having problems with it (when it was running on Windows XP) in mid-November 2008.  The problem I started having (same as below in the Friday list, # 3) was supposedly fixed, then I started having the second problem (see Wednesday’s list) that the program would open for a few seconds, then close.  It was deemed that I didn’t have enough RAM on my computer.  So, 3 months later, I finally have a new computer and I’m loading up Adobe Creative Suite again (this time on Windows Vista, but I doubt that makes a difference here.)


Friday, 20 February 2009:

1.      I installed the software.  When it came time to activate the product, I couldn’t get an Internet connection, so I did it over the phone.  I input the activation code I was given and all seemed to be fine.

2.      When I clicked on a photo to open it, an older version of Photoshop opened (Adobe CS is an upgrade from an upgrade – long story short, I have Photoshop 6.0 and Photoshop 5.5 installed, too).

3.      When I tried to open Photoshop CS, I got a pop up window that said I didn’t have authorization to activate this software.

4.      When I tried to get on the Internet to get to Adobe.com for a phone number, I got an access denied message.

5.      Mark N, a programmer in my office, showed me where to put in the appropriate proxy/socket info so that I could get the Internet working again.

6.      I went to the Adobe.com web site, found the customer service number and dialed it.

7.      After 4 minutes, I was cut off.

8.      I dialed the number again.

9.      I was cut off again.

10.  I dialed the number for Technical Support.

11.  Upon being answered by a snot-nosed technical support child, I was informed that (1) Adobe no longer provides support for the basic Creative Suite Program, (2) the registration/activation problem wouldn’t be addressed, (3) no, I couldn’t speak to the snot-nosed technical support child’s supervisor, (4) this is a policy problem, not a software problem (according to the snot-nosed technical support child at Adobe).

12.  Adobe.com’s technical and customer support service s^cks.

13.  I headed out the door for the day.  Friends close to me prayed that I didn’t commit heinous acts while driving.


Monday, 23 February 2009:

A talented young man came into my office and solved Friday’s problem, which was that Adobe has a “services” file that needed to be adjusted.  Everything was good.  I was ready to knit that young man a pair of socks and invite him home for Thanksgiving dinner.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009:

1.      I started Photoshop.

2.      I waited a few seconds.

3.      Photoshop closed of its own volition.

4.      A check of the Task Manager showed that the application was not running, but the process was.

5.      We searched the Internet for solutions.  Apparently people have been having the problem with all sorts of Photoshop versions.

6.      We can't get to the web sites where some of the possible solutions are posted because those sites are blocked by my employer.

7.      One solution was to delete the Photoshop preferences file.  We did that.  It didn't fix the problem.

8.      Another solution was to reinstall the software.  We did that.  It didn't fix the problem.

9.      Yet another solution was to completely uninstall Creative Suite and reinstall it.  We did that.  It didn't fix the problem.

10.  Adobe doesn't provide telephone technical support for this version any longer (see #11 above).


Can you say, "hosed" boys and girls?


(I just heard a clap of thunder -- I'm in deep doo-doo now with the Adobe satan.)




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