23 May 2009

Chicago Blues

We are in Chicago! I was able to get my knitting on the jet (in carry-on, no less) and started in on the second sleeve to the new pattern, Sweet Honey, which will be available soon on Ravelry and at String of Purls. Sadly, I learned a nasty lesson: Knit cast-on looks really raggy on a sleeve edge in cotton yarn. I cast on the first sleeve using the knit cast-on method and just knit away. Every time I looked at that ragged edge I thought, "It'll look better after blocking." Here I am, weeks later, and looking at the second sleeve which I had cast on with the long-tail cast on method. It looks so much nicer! It has a lovely little twisted rope kind of edge. I'd cast it on with a circular needle that was two sizes larger (for stretchiness). Now I can see that I must do the first sleeve over.

Fortunately, these are only short sleeves.

Fortunately, this is the smallest size.

Fortunately, I have enough yarn to do it over.

But, day-um!

Well, as consolation (I should get consolation for my own short-sightedness?) we are going to visit at least one yarn shop today (two if I can convince my DH that it's not that far away).

We'll see!


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

Glad I didn't get to the sleeves yet on the test pattern.

I'm picking it back up tomorrow. Had a few unexpected things come up this last week.

I hope you have a lovely trip.

Hugs, Euphoria

kt said...

Oh, I'm jealous. Chicago is one of the best places EVER. Eat well and have a wunnerful time.