25 May 2009

Chicago Trip - Loopy Yarns

God bless those wonderful people at Loopy Yarns!
We started walking from the Chicago Art Institute and what seemed miles later we felt lost and discouraged. I pulled out my cell phone and called the shop. "Is it time to call a cab?" I asked.
No! We were only 3 blocks away! We hiked along to the historic Dearborne Station, a renovated building, and found ourselves a comfortable resting place as well as lots of wonderful yarn!
While my DH rested in a chair, Steven (Stefan? Stephan?) helped me to find some lovely yarns for knitting socks. He tempted me miserably with the sale items on the lower floor. And then, when it came time to pay up, he let me toss a ball of yarn at a screen with holes in it. I had three tosses. If one went through a hole, that was the discount I'd get. Needless to say, I failed to get it through any of the holes, but I was given a 10% discount nonetheless, PLUS the lovely bag and the little sheep. I was in heaven. I wound the Handmaiden Casbah while waiting at O'Hare airport yesterday. I can't wait to get started.
Oh, and the HPKY (Hand Painted Knitting Yarn) is exclusive to their shop. I love finding something fun and new!

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