12 May 2009

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

Dear Mandella,

Oh, I'm wondering whether I should spoil all and reveal to you how this season/series of House has turned out.

While I ponder that, you have to sneak over to Franklin Habit's blog and read his perspective on the newest Star Trek film. I absolutely loved this film and I'm sure it will reinvigorate the franchise, but you have to admit that Franklin has found an entirely new direction for this to go without the necessity of time travel.

I'm still reeling from the roller coaster ride that started last Thursday and continued through today. If it isn't the customers at the part-time job (honestly, you'd think that parents wouldn't wait until the last minute for party invitations when they knew for the last 8 months that their child would be graduating in May), or the four knitters-of-the-apocalypse at Knit Night, or the grand pubahs of the corporate office handing down another make-work edict, it's the dryer that won't work, the cat litter that still isn't changed, and rooms in the house that still need to be sorted out despite the fact that I'm aching from Monday's tour-de-cleanse.

My DH is complaining about a spasm in his back from the yard work he did on Monday, but, no, he won't put ice on it. Yes, he bought cat litter from the store last week; no, he didn't change it yet; and now he can't because his back hurts. I ache all over, but I'm not having back spasms so it must be OK for me to do this.

How well do you think any of this bodes for actually knitting?

I do have a clever new pattern for a shrug called a gym wrap by local designer Phyllis Campbell. I also have some Jo Sharp yarn in bulky weight that I think will be perfect for knitting it. And I'll get to that as soon as I finish . . . . . OK, I absolutely have to finish the Sweet Honey pullover (one I'm designing -- I have just one more sleeve to go), and then I need to at least cast on the second sock from a pair I've been knitting in my favorite waffle pattern. And I suppose I should make more headway on the cotton intarsia cardigan for my grand niece Katie. It would help if I worked on the short jacket that's in the works for my sister Mary. And none of this counts the Ab-Fab throw that I keep coming across as I trawl through the yarn stash.

I need to be three people again. Or four. I'd page Dr. House, but I'm afraid he's unavailable at the moment. But I won't tell you why. Unless you *really* want me to tell you. And even then, well, I don't know if I should really spoil it for you. ;D

Happy knitting!



Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

I saw House (No, I won't tell all.) and I'm wondering just where they are going with the show now.

As to been three people? I'm still trying to perfect that trick.

Hugs, Euphoria

Mandella said...

Don't either of you dare tell me how House works out! It starts here next week.