05 May 2009

Mounting Suspense

Dear Mandella,

Have you been keeping up with House season/series 5 on hulu.com?  Last night’s episode was muy caliente!  Next Monday is the season/series finale, and God only knows (well, the actors know already since they’ve finished filming for this season) how they’re going to top it!  And, to bring back the refrain, Hugh Laurie is a God!  What an actor!  What a character!  *sigh*

OK, enough of that.

Suspense has also been mounting as I’ve been sorting out the sleeves for this latest pullover I’ve been designing.  Not only did I work out the basic directions, but I figured out how I want to work the increases in the sleeves while emphasizing the pattern.   In fact, I probably should have done this in the body of the pullover, but I’m not going to re-think that part.  Not now.  Not after all of that work.  Alas, one learns a lot through the actual knitting.  And then sometimes it takes until the end that a more brilliant insight comes.

At any rate, I’m nearly to the halfway point of the first short sleeve.  The second one should be even faster since I won’t have to be stopping to work out the pattern details as I knit.  I’m looking forward to having this one done.  It has been a long slog.  And I really can’t post photos until it’s done.

We’re having beautiful weather here.  I hope you’re enjoying the springtime, too.



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Anonymous said...

Hey Elishka! This is qo, from USAToday, just dropping by to have a look and say "hi!" Pardon my belatedness, but it took this long to realize that there's a completely new messaging system over there (found after clicking on some nondescript envelope icon just for the heck of it).

Nice site you have here. Knitting isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate your enthusiasm!

Take care,