25 May 2009

Chicago Trip - Museum of Science & Industry

We arrived far too early so we took a walk along the shore line, greeting very happy joggers, walkers, and wanderers like ourselves. There was a pier we walked out. Looking back toward shore, we found the skyline was magnificent. The city is clean and beautiful!
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Did we go to the Museum of Science & Industry for the cool model train that travels through a magnificent model of downtown Chicago as well as mountains and prairie? No. (But here's a photo you can enjoy.) Did we go for the cool display on genetics and to see baby chicks in the hatchery? No, but we stopped in nonetheless. Did we go for the U-505 submarine, the 747 jet, the locomotives, the mining town, the soda shop, the toy-maker??????

No, we came for the Harry Potter exhibit. This is the first US city in which it has been displayed. There were props, sets, costumes — all kinds of great things! But no photos inside the exhibit (the white tunnel in the photo led to an outdoor tent of sorts that houses the exhibit).

But this lovely Ford Anglia (used in the 2nd film) was on display where we waited in line for the museum to open. It's in the ticketing area (but purchase your tickets ahead of time because they allow only a set number of people into the exhibit at a time.)
One of the lovely parts was that I was invited to sit on the wooden stool for sorting at the beginning of the exhibit. My DH had pointed me out when the lady working this part asked if there were any adults who wanted to be sorted. I hadn't raised my hand and I had no idea what my DH was going. So, it was a bit magical for me -- the sorting had was placed over my head and the little voice declared I was loyal, etc., then concluded I should be in Hufflepuff.

I love purchasing the sets of post cards because they are better photos than I'll ever be able to take myself. And, yes, I bought a coffee mug (from which I am enjoying a cup of coffee while I post this.)

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

Go Harry Potter!

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