14 July 2009

Allons enfants . . .

Dear Mandella,

You've seen the film Casablanca at least once or twice, haven't you? It's one of my favorites. Most of the funniest lines are loaded into the beginning and then, when Ingrid Bergmann and Paul Heinreid show up, things settle down and become serious.

I love the scene in which Victor Laszlo (Paul Heinreid) leads everyone in singing Le Marseillaise to quell the sound of the Nazis singing Die Wacht am Rhein. I sing along with it. OK, I forget a lot of the words, but I still sing the beginning and the end.

At any rate, it's a film I love. As today is Bastille Day, I might just pull it out and watch it (for the 154,309,356th time) as I dig into some more knitting.

I finished the first of a pair of socks for my nephew. I need to cast on the 2nd one tonight. In the meantime, I also felted another bag.

I was going to donate a bunch of yarn to my LYS for a felted bag contest, but I realized that I had come up with that idea as a means to avoid the drudgery of tackling the back bedroom project. My house is a pig sty once again. The back room is, I think, the only unclutter space we have and that's only because it's waiting for me to decide whether I'm really going to strip out the wallpaper. (I won't know until Saturday whether I'm going to tackle that.) So, the felted bag thing was a distraction, sort of on the lines of starting up a new project because the current one is driving you crazy.

*sigh* Courage!

Photo: Screenshot (in the Public Domain) of Paul Henreid, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains and Humphrey Bogart from the trailer for the film Casablanca.

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Mandella said...

Yes, it's one of my favourites too.