26 July 2009

Cherry Chair

Hmmm.... maybe I should have made the images a bit larger. Well, at any rate, here is a finished chair for a church fund raiser. These are very small chairs -- the seat is about 11.5" square and the whole thing is only about 22" tall. It's the size for a small tot. These were some sort of ugly metal chairs with wooden seats and backrests from a preschool or something. Anyway, people at church were encouraged to take a chair, decorate it, and then bring it back by the first Sunday in September when people would be able to purchase them (I think it's a silent auction process) with the money going to the church.
I pieced the little backrest square and had my mother quilt it. While she did that, I primed and painted the chair white. Today I stitched the seat pad and the ruffle, and I constructed the back and bows. There are two bows that hold the seat part down. The quilted square has loops which hang on the little posts for the backrest but I also ran a swath of fabric through it and tied it in the back. There is red piping at the hem of the ruffle.
So, a little boudoir (sp?) chair for somebody's little princess! :)

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

Too Cute!

Hugs, Euphoria