03 July 2009

My UFO List


  • Pair of socks (2 at the same time) from the toe up (about 3 inches in) on US 1.
  • Pair of red socks for my SIL Deb on US 2. The first sock is near the heel turn.
  • Pair of waffle socks on US 1. First one is done; second one isn't started yet.
  • Pair of socks on US 1 worked in hand-dyed Louet Gems sport weight and a funky honeycomb sort of pattern. I'm losing interest already.
  • Pair of socks from the toe up (just one at a time) in Dream in Color with silver. On US 3. Using a modified "Dead Simple Lace" pattern from Wendy Knits. About 3" along.
  • Pair of socks for a college-bound nephew in Lisa Souza sport Merino superwash in the Mars Quake colorway. Worked in a simple 2 x 2 rib and 2 x 2 garter rib. First sock is at the gusset decreased. Worked on US 2.
  • Second Raindrop Sock needs to be worked from Purlie sock yarn in the Mardi Gras colorway (first sock was knit as a sample; it's about time I get the second one done).
  • Second Swag Sock needs to be worked from Purlie sock yarn (Appassionato colorway). Again, the first one was knit as a sample.
  • Second Swag Sock needs to be worked from a ball of Cash Vero DK. Still again, the first one was knit as a sample.
  • The second of a pair of socks from Cascade 220 Superwash on US 4 that utilizes a stranded rose pattern.


  • A lacy scarf on US 5. I'm about 5" into it.
  • A scarf from Misty Alpaca bulky that is 2/3 done (I'm on the 3rd of 3 skeins). *DONE*
  • Garter Linen scarf on US 9 in Manos del Uruguay silk blend. Nearing the halfway point. I think.
  • Lace scarf (Victorian Lace today Pattern) on US 6 with Jojoland Ballad. I've got about 2" knit.Lace scarf (another Victorian Lace Today pattern) on US 7 with Mini Maiden in colorway Vintage. I have two repeats done of the first end border (see previous posts on this).


  • Diagonally crocheted wrap with leftovers from a Kaffe Fasset kit (long story) that's going to take forever.
  • AB-Fab throw in colorway Misty Morning. Only through the one color repeat (56 rows), plus 8 more.


  • Striped pullover that was to have been for my niece (she's grown out of it) on US 6. I have the back done and I'm slowly working up to the front. There are a zillion ends to work in.
  • A short cardigan in Cascade Venezia worsted on US 7 for my sister Mary. Uses a modification of the Summer Sunner lace pattern. I'm about 2" away from doing the armhole bind-offs, but I'm thinking I really want to work this as a drop sleeve. Oh, well.
  • Magnificent red pullover (mentioned earlier) from hand-dyed Louet Gems sport weight and fashioned with some Melissa Leapman cables. I'm about 6" into the back only which is pathetic because the back is the easiest.
  • Colorful cardigan for a grand-niece made on US 3 with King Tut cotton and worked in intarsia. I'm 1" - 2" away from dividing for the armholes and I'm not sure how I want to work it, so it's in stasis.


  • Washcloth on US 6. About 1.5" done.
  • Pair of gloves on US 3 from Cascade 220 superwash for my DH. In a bright royal blue. First one done, second one barely started (just past the cuff ribbing). The first glove is ... interesting. I think the fingers and thumb are far too big around.
  • A doily I'm crocheting from Austermann Step is about halfway done.


Villasukka said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Seeing your sidebar list of blogs - I'm really honoured to be there! And now I do have to remember to blog in English more often. The black cat, Piki (Pitch in English), isn't actually black, though in every single picture he seems to be. When the light comes from behind, he reveals his true color - dark chocolate :)
I love your blog! I love Pride and Prejudice and your writing is so fluent, flowing that I do enjoy reading it. Now I'm off to do the weekend groceries, but when I come back, I'll start reading from the beginning.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Judith,

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a box full of UFOs.

Hugs, Euphoria

Knitting Belle said...

Wow. That's a lot of projects. It's hard for me to finish too, but I have friends who love to finish projects. One only knits one project at a time. I suggest having a "finisher" in your midst. They inspire you to fix mistakes and complete projects with gentle prodding.
Have fun knitting!