11 July 2009

I want my mommy!

Dear Mandella,

I've got that small bedroom nearly cleared out. The trouble is that there's almost nowhere to put the stuff that I'm clearing out. It is stacked up in the short hallway, in the front hall, and a few things are in the living room. All of it needs to go to the downstairs. Several of the boxes are very heavy (books). Fortunately, it's easier to bring things to the downstairs than it is to take them to the upstairs. But there's not much room down here for that stuff, either.

Thanks for the lovely post. I remember your post (early on) in which you showed us the pretty fabrics you had dyed for your bargello quilt. And the bargello quilt is beautiful! I know it's hard to go back and forth from the sewing machine with those kinds of quilts -- the ones that are mapped out like a jigsaw puzzle -- but perhaps if you take it a little bit at a time?

And I'm in awe of your hand work on the tumbling blocks quilt. Oh, I understand -- as soon as I sit down I want to knit, not sew. I will tell you that when I've had fussy bits of hand sewing to get done (hems, beading, basting) I've put in a DVD of some period film -- Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Mrs. Miniver, Little Women -- in which it was common for women to be engaged in these kinds of things. Besides, my DH leaves the room when I put those things on the television! :)

I've got most of that back room emptied, as I said. Next step is to move it all downstairs. Can I move all of the laundry and every other messy thing down here? No, because the cats would have too much fun playing in all of it!

Well, back to work.


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