06 July 2009

On the Sixth Day, Judith Admitted She Was Human

Dear Mandella,

I'm in a right funk. I'm on the fourth day of a 4-day weekend, and I'm so worn out that I am near to tears.

It started with me making a sort of "map" of all of the weekends starting with June 20-21 and going through the first weekend in September. If I followed the plan I would be able to keep up on laundry, visits to my mum (which includes sewing), getting to church, doing my workouts and regular things like that along with tackling the larger project of re-furbishing the small bedroom from junk room to guest room and, oh, yes, I'd get all kinds of things moved to the storage unit and still be able to dye yarn.

It all fell apart over these four days. On Friday I was so tired that I was mostly inert throughout the day. Saturday was a tour-de-force of moving things, dyeing yarn, and celebrating the holiday. Yesterday I was barely awake as I took my aunt to visit my mum. I arrived home around 2:00 p.m. and I was a vegetable for the remainder of the day. And I'm not talking about one of those nice, firm veggies staying fresh and crisp in the refrigerator; no, I was like one of those nasty cans of green beans that is cooked to within an inch of its life before being preserved for the grocery-shopping public, then boiled to beyond-death on the stove top and finally left to languish as a floppy piece of cellulose on the plate of an obstinate child who is too disgusted by the sight of it to even eat it. I'll bet you could have seen it on Google Earth if you'd looked at the right time.

Obviously, my plans are entirely too ambitious for a fat 50-something who can't stand the heat of summer.

I'm considering giving up dyeing yarn at all. I know I have fun with the colors, but the process is a killer and I'm getting disgusted with the mess of it all. I don't know. It's nice having a few $$$ in my pocket, and the return on investment of time and money is quite reasonable (unlike the ROI on designing patterns which, if you worked it out, would be the equivalent of being paid pennies per hour of work).

But I'm pooped.

And I'm still waiting to hear about my Secret Pal (on the aforementioned Secret Pal 14). We were supposed to have the info by July 1, but that date also coincided with one or two of the moderators being on holiday, so we're behind. And it's only a week or so. Still, the anticipation is making me nuts.

Well, that's one more thing on me: I'm making myself nuts once again.

Time for another cuppa and some knitting, I think. Except I need to run some errands. I want to get that quilt into the mail to my older sister -- their anniversary is this week and I thought it would be fun if it arrived on time for that -- and I need to visit to vet to get a decongestant for Chance. (Have you ever heard a dog try to clear its head of congestion? It sounds like a sneeze in reverse. Poor thing!)

*sigh* OK, time for a cuppa and about 1 hour of nothingness before I have to get to my morning errands. Then I have a workout at the gym at noon, and then I just need to get laundry finished up so that I have clothing to wear to work for the rest of this week.



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