06 July 2009

Yarn Pix

All of these will be available at String of Purls later this week. They'll be under the Purlie Fat Sock Yarn label. Each skein is 4 oz /113g and has 375 yards/343 m of a slightly-heavier-than-usual fingering weight (but not sport weight) superwash wool. If you don't see them on the web site, just call the store (toll-free phone number on the web page) and they'll be happy to assist you over the phone.

Shell Cottage (2 skeins): Named for the cottage in the 7th Harry Potter book where Fleur and Bill Weasley live. The colors are Ecru, seafoam green, a touch of blue, some pink and salmon colors, and a touch of grey

Angst (4 skeins): Every time I look at these skeins I see a kind of tension between the blues and the violet (which has some red in it). Overall blue/grey/white mix splattered with violet.

Carnival (3 skeins): The bright colors of a happy occaision, these skeins have a medium yellow, fuschia, seafoam green, a touch of orange, and dark blue. There are overlaps of course, so you get a few surprises, too!

Cherry Chocolate (4 skeins): My dad loved the Brach's milk chocolate covered marachino cherries; I like the colors but hated the treat! Space-dyed on the skein are a cinnemon milk chocolate and bright fuschia with white leftover. This will give some interesting stripes!

Sailing (2 skeins): Sunlight and the changing colors of the water. White, yellow, blues, a touch of grey, and seafoam green.

Clam Bake (4 skeins): This is a party with yarn! I was thinking of all of the great foods we'd had at a friend's house with a "low country boil" that included seafood. Yellow, cinnemon, pale pink, salmon, touches of seafoam and grey and wisteria along with some ecru.

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