04 July 2009

Listing a Bit, but Still Upright

Dear Mandella,

When I was designing this site initially I made a list at the side of blogs that you had on your Tarty Crafty site and blogs that I had on my old knitting blog site. Since that time a few people have dropped off but others have been added, especially recently.

One of the nice things about being part of the Secret Pal exchange is that I'm discovering some interesting knitters from all around. I went out to the Ravelry link for Secret Pal 14 and started looking at the blogs of various members. A few seemed to be really interesting, so I added them to the list at left in order to be able to remember to check them out regularly.

I need lists. I have so many ideas and so many things to do and people I love that I need lists to keep everything in order. I had to make a master list of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekends of July and August so that I didn't go crazy every Saturday morning when I awoke. Inevitably I wake on Saturday morning feeling miserably overwhelmed by everything I want to do and I often feel as though I have only one day in which to do it.

So, my list for this weekend (which is four days long on account of the Independence Day holiday) includes dyeing sock yarn, moving things out of the back bedroom (the one that needs mucking out so that I can strip the wallpaper and repaint and eventually turn it into a real guest room), attending to laundry, visiting my mother, and a few other things. So far I've moved the dye stuffs to the downstairs (where it will reside from now on), knitted a felted bag (more on that another time), read a book, and slept. A lot.

I've decided that maybe my list for this weekend was a bit ambitious. I've now crossed off going to church on Sunday on account of this is a better day for me to take my Aunt Mary to visit my mom (they are sisters and neither one drives). The best time for Aunt Mary is starting at around 9:30 a.m. (which is when I retrieve her from her apartment and drive her across town to my mother's house). So, I'll probably work on getting some more yarn wound up while my aunt and my mom visit. It won't make sense for me to drive all the way back across town to do something at home, then drive back to mom's to collect my aunt.

I've also decided that perhaps this isn't the weekend in which I should try to haul things over to the storage unit. I should wait until next weekend, especially since I might be able to get the sons of some friends to help. At any rate, it will be enough to empty out that back room. Besides, my husband's vehicle -- which has infinitely more space than my car -- is a pig sty that will need mucking out before I can use it to transport stuff in it. Either that, or I'll need to rent a U-Haul truck, and the latter option just isn't viable for a holiday weekend.

We had quite a thunderstorm last night. Sadly, it meant some of the fireworks displays were canceled, but perhaps tonight will be better. In the meantime, I have quite a bit of work to get to today.

Hugs and good knitting to you!


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Villasukka said...

Before I forget: yes, the "kkkkk" -sound is exactly your teeth chattering because of the cold. But it derives also from the Finnish word cold "kylmä".

I love lists, too! Especially when I'm upto my ears in work and I have to get everything done. Then I do a list of urgency and strike things out as they get done.