10 July 2009

Friday, Fried Day

Dear Mandella,

What is it about July that always turns me into a bowl of slop?

Oh, the humidity, of course, along with the heat and all of the allergens that storm the bastille of my sinuses. I've been dead tired nearly all week. At last I have a bit of energy, but only because I allowed myself a nap as soon as I arrived at home. This explains why I'm blogging at 10:45 pm.

In the end, I kept one of the skeins of the Shell Cottage colorway. I just couldn't live without it. It joins a bin full of other sock yarns that are waiting to be transformed into wonderfulness for the feet. On an even more positive note, I did not start a pair of socks yet with it. I've got it wound into a ball, but I haven't started knitting with it. Yet. It is sitting on a shelf beside my knitting nook and it is tempting me as I try to finish up yet another felted bag.

*sigh* Yes, I'm hopeless.

My mum is doing well. I saw her on Thursday evening. That day would have been hers and dad's 64th wedding anniversary (dad died 30 years ago this November). I didn't say anything to her about it when I visited (I was putting the binding on that second quilt); I figured she'd bring it up if she wanted to. As I was leaving, my sister M told me that mom said she didn't want to think about it today. She didn't want flowers and she didn't want to talk about it. OK, good. I played that one well. Oh, and mom beat me in all three games of Cribbage that we played. Sheesh! We were neck-and-neck in all three games, then she gets a last-minute windfall and shoots far ahead of me. Nothing wrong with her mind!

I posted the Irish Chain quilt to my eldest sister and she telephoned last night to say it had arrived. I am relieved and happy. She and her husband won't be doing much traveling this summer (unlike past years) due to some health issues her husband is having. I am hopeful that by next year it will all be cleared up. Perhaps the quilt will bring some healing vibes with it.

Well, tomorrow I plan to take a run at that small back bedroom again. I am hopeful I can get it all cleaned out. Courage!


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