28 September 2008


Dear Judith

The black dog has been on my shoulder towards the latter part of the week, mostly because of work-related problems which I don't care to go into on what is essentially a public space. Let's just say that I have been devastated by the actions of someone else and as much as I try to rationalise them, I'm convinced they were unjustified and damaging to me.

Dave put his back out yesterday just by climbing off his motorbike. He's frustrated and upset because that means the decorating schedule has a temporary setback, but we're also thankful that he's been so capable for so long. I pulled out the box of his heavy-duty prescription pills yesterday and he got them on 10 October 2007, just after the last really bad episode when we got stuck in the USA for an extra 48 hours more than planned. He hates taking medication, which is why they've lasted for nearly a year!

But it's not all doom and gloom on this side of the big pond. The weather is gorgeous; we're having a real Indian Summer. Look at what's on my passion fruit plant:

Disappointingly it's completely hollow, so I won't be getting any passion fruit for breakfast, but what a wonderful colour.

In between applying for jobs, I've found some time to do a little quilting and (horrors) a little knitting! I've been working on the penguin baby jumper, but there's nothing to see, only a plain back and have started the Back-To-School U-Neck vest by Stephanie Japel. I knew the lack of desire to knit wouldn't last.

Also, I'm practically salivating over the latest offering from Knitpicks, the Palette Samplers with the accompanying bag patterns. I've got a couple of fair isle jumpers kitted up and ready to go, but it would be great to knock up one of these before diving in. It's been a while since I've knitted any stranded colourwork.

But before then, I've got a few job applications to complete.

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