12 September 2008

I have no pictures

I really need to get the camera out of its bag. I really need to do a lot of things.

I love the shrug and I love the photo of your dog. I have only ever met one malamute. His name was Nanook, and he was enormous but a real sweetie. Back in the day when I was a housing officer (i.e. I looked after a group of tenants and the homes they lived in) he belonged to one particular couple who were on my patch and who were on the late side of middle aged. They used to give me a jar of honey made by their own bees every time I visited and would get really offended if I didn't have time for a cup of tea, poured from a real teapot into a bone china cup and saucer.

Of course these days I don't spent my working life visiting people in their homes, and I kind of get nostalgic for it sometimes.

One more thing about Hugh Laurie. Can you Americans tell he's a Brit? He fools me.

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Linda in Chicagoland said...

Just added you two to my list of blogs. Looking forward to more! Love House. Hugh was on Jay Leno last night--talented and funny.