18 September 2008

The Chicken Pox Chronicles

Dear Mandella,

I'd never heard of potassium permanganate crystals before you mentioned them. Unless they're available under some sort of brand name ("Trader Joe's K-rystals" or some such) I'm not likely to come across them. I did look them up and learned they're used to treat canker sores and have been used as an ingredient in photographers' flash powder. Explosive stuff! About the closest we'd get here would be baking soda (good old Arm & Hammer brand), which a friend told me you can add to bath water and thus have a soothing (i.e., itch-relieving) soak. Ed hasn't pursued that option.

Mainly, Ed has been at home and sleeping because he is worn out by this. He has been in almost constant contact with the main nurse at his school, and she has been in contact with our county health department. He's not allowed back to his classes until it has been 72 hours since ... the breakout or the healing? I can't remember now.

It was a relatively mild case (and we are thankful) and it is believed to have occurred in him as a result of receiving the a "triple vaccination" (i.e., one injection with vaccines for measles, mumps, and chicken pox). The county health department has been asking for medical records related to the vaccination as well as the outbreak and diagnosis. Because Ed attends classes with people who are at times in the hospital, they have to be very careful about when he is able to return to his classes. He's frightened right now that he's going to be buried in classwork once he returns, and his return is anticipated to be on Monday.

I had chicken pox as a child; in fact, I was so young that I don't even remember having it. About 2 years ago I had a tiny outbreak of shingles which was caught early enough and treated with an anti-viral. I am hopeful that this outbreak in Ed doesn't mean I'll be subjected to another round of shingles or pox, but I'm a wee bit concerned because chicken pox is highly contagious when its in the early stages.

In other news, the weather here has been magnificent. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and the temps are about 79º (F) or 80º (F). I've gotten out for a short (20-25 minute) walk nearly every day.

Well, I need a bit of a rest before I head off to Sit and Knit. I promised my friend M. that I'd come and see the lovely shawl she has knit to wear with her wedding dress. Also, she started on the Frost Flower and Leaves shawl in . . . is that in Victorian Lace Today or a different one? See? I need a rest.

Hugs and good weather to you!


PS - Our knit-sisters at Mason-Dixon Knitting have given us a little notice on their sideboard. I feel semi-famous now! :)

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