11 September 2008

Confession Time

Dear Judith

I have a confession to make. I have barely touched my knitting needles since I came back from the Festival of Quilts in mid-August. Actually I think the only knitting I've done is about 8 rows whilst watching "House" one night. I came late to the House Party. Hallmark is showing every episode since the beginning and since it's a medical programme Dave can tolerate, I'm now addicted.

The obsession du jour is quilting. At the moment I'm not only working on the City & Guilds stuff, a lot of which involves playing with paper and paint, but also finishing off a quilt for a friend's birthday in a month and then I've let myself be sucked down the rabbit hole of a block of the month project that's all hand quilted.

And I wonder why I've never got time for anything?

This is only a quick christening post and you need to know that a) I'm alive and b) I can't speak to you tonight because I've just got in from work (where I wanted to hurl a recalcitrant laptop through the window) and b) we've got to rush out to a bike club monthly meeting.

TTFN (that's Ta Ta For Now for those not in the know)


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