20 September 2008

I need to be three (or four?) people

Dear Mandella,

I've arrived at the end of a very long week only to find an unreasonably short weekend in which to recoup. The sun is bright, the sky is blue, and all of creation begs me to come outdoors. Alas, that also means that my overgrown yarn is also begging for attention, as is my old, fat self that needs a nice walk (and the dog who thinks she'd like to come along).

And then there is the quilt top at my mother's that has been sitting in pieces for several weeks now, plus a load of fabric that would love to be cut up into quilts, and even more fabric (along with patterns in my size) that longs to be made up into wonderful clothing.

None of this takes into account the shrug for my sister Mary (just a little more on the one sleeve and then the ribbing around the outside to finish it), the socks for my SIL Joan (about 2/3 done -- only about 40 more rows until the toe decrease on the 2nd sock), the Ab-Fab throw that is so colorful it nearly begs to be lifted from its current state of dormancy, the Kaffe Fassett stole/thing I've been crocheting, the scarf that is fashioned after the Kimono Shawl in the Folk Shawls book, and about a dozen other projects blooming in my brain.

Oh, yes. The house. Yes, there is laundry to be attended to, there are clothes to be mended, there are items that really should be ironed properly; there are things that need to be loaded into the truck and taken to the storage unit (so that I can get my car into the garage again); there are carpets to vaccuum (Hoover, to you) and numerous surfaces to dust, mop, and clean. There are walls that need to be painted (that's going to be some time in the future) and clutter that needs to be sorted and . . . and . . . and . . .

Someone had this whole work week thing wrong. It should be 2 days of work and 5 days of weekend!

I don't know what I'm going to do at the moment. Maybe I'll just get a cup of coffee and keep playing around on the Internet!

I hope the sunshine is reaching your side of the Atlantic.



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