13 September 2008

Hugh Laurie, an English God

Dear Mandella,

I remember when I first saw "House" that I was utterly blown away by Hugh Laurie's ability to sound like an American. It was pitch-perfect. I'd seen him in the films Sense & Sensibility (where he'd had a small part as a curmudgeonly MP, so you might say he'd been preparing to play House MD even then), and I'd seen him in the Jeeves & Wooster series that played on public television many years earlier.

Here's a great clip (thank you, YouTube) of Laurie on the American television awards show - The Emmys - in 2006. He was paired up as a presenter with Zach Braff, an actor playing in a medical comedy called "Scrubbs." Of course, it's all scripted, but they played their bits well and had got huge laughs.

My migraine from yesterday is gone, as is the rain, although we've noticed a bit of seepage once again in the basement. Here's the mystery: it's in a different location. We're wondering whether it's coming up through the foundation (and hoping that's not it at all).



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