26 September 2008

Not for Debate

I've finally found a political party I like: The Fibertarians. Check out the latest update at The Panopticon. These are definitely my people.

I'm sorry it took me this long to find them. I sat through the presidential nominees' debate this evening and got bored with the same-old, same-old that I've been hearing from both of them for the last God-know-how-many months. As I listened I turned to doing something productive: Knitting.

Thus, as the pundits and the spin-doctors rattle on and on now that this debate is completed, I actually have something to show for my time: A finished pair of socks. These are the pair that my SIL "won" in a Christmas gift swap at my mom's last December. She knew it would take me a while to finish them since I had a zillion other things to do in the meantime. But, they are done and I can send them off to her.

Oh, and the yarn is from one of my favorite dyers: Lisa Souza. These are knit on US 1 with Lisa's Superwash Merino in the South Pacific colorway. (Yes, I know the ball band says it's 4.5 sts to the inch on US 10, but I get about 8 sts to the inch on US 1 and I get a very nice pair of socks from it.)

These are knit in my standard "waffle" pattern, which is (on an even number of sts, divisible by 4):

Rnds 1 - 3: *K2, P2* repeat to the end
Rnds 4 - 6: K all sts

Referring back to my New Year's List of projects, here is my progress to date:

Socks for Marky *Done • Sept 08*
Socks for Deb (#1 near heel turn)
Socks from Austermann Step yarn — Frogged and rewound
Hoofle-Foofle Socks *Done • 1 Feb 2008*
Cardigan *Done • 10 May 08*
8-3-5 Pullover for Marky (back done; front started)
Scarf from bulky weight Silk Road *Done • 5 Jan 08*
Scarf from 2 strands of Manos del Uraguay *Done • 10 Jan 08*
Socks for Alice *Done • 5 Jan 08*
Shrug for Mary *Done • 24 Sept 08*
Baby Blanket for Jorge y Liliana — Frogged and rewound
Socks for Joan *Done • 26 Sept 08*
Swag Socks sample for String of Purls *2 samples done*
Marjaana/Hermione pullover for myself — Frogged and rewound
Scarf (non-wool) for I-Pie (about halfway along)

May our politicians be able to brag about having accomplished half so much!

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