14 September 2008

City of Tiny Hats

Dear Mandella,

I have to stop making tiny hats because I'm not getting any other knitting done. I knew I was on the edge of sanity when I was knitting the little hat with cables (top left) on US 0 needles for the second time because I didn't quite like the design of the first one.

From top left (and proceeding clockwise) they are:
  • OnLine sock yarn with tiny cables and a few twists in the ribbing.
  • My-dyed (leftover from Marky's socks) in DK weight done with a ruffly brim and a mohair (also my-dyed) hat band.
  • Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Blueberry Hill with a lacy turned up edging (the quill lace motif I'd used in the socks I have on knitty)
  • Sock! yarn by Lisa Souza in Valentine Red and done in the twisted waffle pattern with flowers embroidered on it. (I'll be posting that twisted waffle sock pattern soon.)
  • Sock! yarn by Lisa Souza in South Pacific done with a simple rib at the bottom but a ruffly closure at the top.
  • Basic stocking cap done with leftover Fiesta Boomerang in Iris colorway.
  • Socks that Rock (BMFA) medium-weight Fire on the Mountain with rolled brim and seed stitch hat band
  • Socks the Rock (BMFA) heavy-weight in Henpecked with an eyelet hat band threaded with Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Java.

Oh, and they're all modeled by Mukluk, my Beanie Baby Malamute/Husky (I'm sure it's the latter, but I prefer the former). I'll pack these off to Kay G. this week.

In other news from our abode, my husband has chicken pox. Yes, chicken pox. He'd had to be innoculated prior to starting his classes and, wouldn't you know it, he's one of the 1% or so that actually come down with it after getting the vaccine. Well, we're hoping this is a mild case as he has only broken out a bit and it doesn't seem to be getting worse. He's feeling run down, though, which means you-know-who had the pleasure of doing all sorts of stuff on her own today (which is also why I have to stop knitting tiny hats -- no more time).

I've called my boss to take today (Monday) off from work so that I can catch up on laundry and other cleaning that desperately needs to be done. My husband's bathroom looks like ... never mind. It's bad. I shall be tackling the germs tomorrow. No knitting until the work is done.

Germ-free hugs and good weather to you!


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