11 September 2008

A use for sock knitting leftovers

Dear Mandella,

It’s another way to use up leftovers from knitting socks!  I mean, I’ve been domino-knitting the leftovers, but this will be a nice break:  Little hats for bottles!  This is a fund-raiser for Age Concern in the UK.  You knit a little hat for a bottle of Innocent fruit smoothie and send it in.  They send 50p (that’s 50 pence to folks in the USA, about the equivalent of US $1 with the exchange rate as it is).

Mason Dixon Knitters (see the entry “Tiny Hats”) are offering to collect little hats from US knitters and send them over.  Knitters in the UK can just send them in directly.  Oh, what fun!  Little hats!  I’ve already printed out the patterns. In fact, I’ll go beyond the pattern and have a little more fun.  I mean, now that I have the socks finished for my niece, I have time, right? (OK, I’m not mentioning, the shrug for my sister Mary, the socks for my sister-in-law Joan, the socks for my sister-in-law Deb, the Ab-Fab throw, the Kimono scarf, or the ubiquitous laundry.)

I’m working on getting the photos.  Thursdays are days when I have a bit more time for this (in the evening when I’m home), presuming I’m not completely wasted from the week’s work and other upheavals.  (Did I tell you about coming home to dog cookies on the carpet and water in the basement this past Monday night?)

Time to put my feet up and start knitting little hats.

Big hugs and good knitting to you!


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